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The Manifesto Project

Exploring Individual Religion and Belief

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Sharing manifestos of individual faith, spiritualities, mysticisms, and beliefs.

The Manifesto Project

A place to explore individual faiths, beliefs, traditions, and how they apply in your day to day life

The culture of the Internet is often seen as shallow and driven by the group-mind provided by anonymity. The Manifesto Project is an attempt at providing a forum for sharing your individuality while at the same time offering a safe space to discuss some of the topics closest to the heart. Here is the place to share your faith, your traditions, the symbols and systems in your life, and how all of these came to be. Explain in an affirming environment why you believe what you believe in order to use writing as a tool to solidify the foundation of your spirituality, and discuss (constructively!) with other people doing the same.

  1. The first and most important rule is RESPECT.
    • Disagreeing is okay; what is not okay is arguing.
    • Replies and discussions should be well thought out and well written - I read sometime in high school that you should turn each thought over in your mouth seven-times-seven times: there's a Kabbalistic reference if ever I've heard one.
    • The same goes for posting: be respectful in your posts, and if you think your post is likely to be controversial, either don't post it, or check it over with some friends first; in other words, think before you post.
    • If a post is extremely personal, but you still want it read by the members of the community, consider removing the comment feature.
    • Along with the above note, this is a confidential community. In all cases, what's said in the Manifesto Project will stay in the Manifesto Project. Should any portion be published in any sort of way, such as an entry or portion of an entry cited in a paper, not only must you get express permission of the writer, but all references must be anonymous unless otherwise stated. This is to be a safe space.
    • Please use LJ cuts if your topic is long, personal, or possibly controversial. Please use descriptive titles, put a descriptive summary of the reason for the cut above it, or utilize the <lj-cut text=""> feature.
  2. Stay on topic.
    • This Project is meant to encourage others to set their personal beliefs and faiths in words and to show that the Internet denizens are deeper than just their electronic fronts, and also to encourage the discussion in these areas.
      • Talk about and discuss faiths, mysticisms, systems of belief, religions and traditions.
      • Talk about and discuss other things such as hobbies or vocations in the sense of how they fit into the above categories (for example, the spiritual side of music, how money is a barrier in some traditions such as having to buy a tarot pack or different versions of the bible).
    • Conversely, this Project is not meant to be dump area for every aspect of your life.
      • This is not a place to discuss politics, unless they really, really factor into a post about belief systems or somesuch. There are other communities on LJ for that, and this Project is not one of them. For example, I know that there are certainly religious implications to the Iraq war, but avoid posting about it unless it ties into your own religion.
      • One-liner posts are generally not as insightful as a well-thought out post. While I don't expect everyone to write a full-fledged essay, try to compose your thoughts into a coherent paragraph or paragraphs before posting.
    • This applies to comments, too (unless it's a REALLY GOOD idea :3).
  3. No witnessing. Not only is that contrary to the first two rules, it's contrary to the whole purpose of this Project: we are here to share our individual beliefs and their defining experiences: our personal manifestos. This applies to comments especially.

If you break a rule, or if a rule-breaking is reported with evidence, the moderator(s) will either warn you, delete the post/comment, put you on probation, or ban you.

Probationary offenses
If you really break one of the rules, the moderator(s) will decide whether it warrants a probation. Probation will result in you temporarily losing posting access in the community.

Bannable offenses
Firstly, if you blatantly flout the rules, actively seek to offend, or just generally do bad stuff, you're likely to get banned. Also, if it looks like you have a problem with the rules, you may get banned as well. I will not say that you get a certain number of probations of warnings, but if you keep doing the same thing, don't respond to warnings, and don't change, don't expect to stick around.